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to Bring you closer to your most ambitious dreams and an abundant life of your design

with intuitive, intentional and strategic curation of a soulful brand, refined aesthetics, sustainable processes and an irresistible client experience.

my mission,

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Client Proposals

Master the ethical sale and book your dream clients with the only course and template collection tailored for wedding creatives.

The Brand & Business Asset Library

Browse through a collection of intentionally designed, thoughtfully curated resources meant to boost your business and elevate your brand.


a la carte




An opportunity to tackle one topic you need help with, to find clarity and solutions you can implement right away.

brand audit

An intensive 3 hour session to identify what's not working in your brand and get practical feedback.

immersion day

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creative direction









An exclusive and fully tailored one-to-one programme taking you through my signature process, designed to elevate your brand and business out of the ordinary, to match your awesomeness.

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You can’t pour
from an empty cup

How would you thrive, if you had everything at your fingertips to build a life-giving business?

continue to find the answer

as it  turns out,
the answer to a perfectly balanced business...
was in the tea leaves all along.

Woven with sophistication and ceremony,
the art of Chinese tea brewing is more aligned
with entrepreneurship than you might think.

Like you, each tea is singular in its own way–from where it’s planted to how it grows and the many steps of cultivation in between. After great care, it finds its way to your teapot, uniquely flavorful and distinctly complex, all because of everything it’s been through.

And like the perfect cup,
the business you love lies in the harmony between personality and process, mastery and mindfulness, experience and energetic exchange.

There's just one problem...

Your creative business has a mile-long "to do" list – and that doesn't even begin to address everything that’s stealing your joy:


Too many projects, not enough bandwidth and the clients you book aren’t lighting you up.


You know you don't charge enough, but something needs to change before you can raise your rates with confidence.


Confusion, uncertainty and overwhelm thanks
to the constant stream of “shoulds” and entrepreneurial advice hitting you from every angle.


Misalignment in your brand thanks to years’ worth of DIYing your business, coaching calls that missed the mark, and a templated approach that makes your business blend in with everyone else.


You're aching to create something more. You’ve got big ideas, but no one’s asking for them.

How can you think about connection, intentionality, and meaning-making when you’re doubting the passion that led you to start your business in the first place?

At the end of the day, you’re left wondering:
“Wasn’t running a creative business supposed
to be more beautiful than this?” 

And you’re not alone. I’ve been there too.


I've got you!

your brand's new
creative director & strongest supporter.


I'm Andreea

multi-passionate creative

multi-passionate creative, conservation biologist, brand curator and mentor for artists and creative business owners, wedding and event designer, a master dreamer, irrevocably in love with nature and a passion for people and culture.

conservation biologist 

wedding & event designer

brand curator and mentor for
artists and creative business owners

a master dreamer, irrevocably in love with nature and a passion for people and culture.

I'm here to shine a light on your magic, bring clarity to your work, and make your life easy with out-of-the-box solutions tailored for you.

What you get

results you can expect from working with me

Clarity, direction and perspective, where you're feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Your business made effortless because we'll be cutting out the fluff that's stealing your joy.

A gorgeous, carefully curated brand that’s all you and speaks deeply to your client’s greatest desires.

A well crafted client experience that creates advocates for life and keeps your business thriving.

An impeccable aesthetic balanced with sustainable strategy and systems that work for you.

how I make it happen


Deep-dive coaching that leaves no stone unturned. 


Life changing, time saving,
design-driven resources. 


Intuitive creative direction for an irresistible aesthetic and an aligned business.

Free monthly group coaching




& Business brews

We cover everything branding, website, client experience, sales, proposals, marketing, process optimisation.

monthly group coaching call

2x coaching hot seats

private slack group

Branding & Business Coaching newsletter

start transforming your business one month at a time

What clients say

Fully booked years in advance & charging 3x more.

Andreea is great at understanding your needs, seeing where you want to go and giving you clear direction and guidance on how to get there. I'm now fully booked 2 years in advance with dream clients. I've increased my prices dramatically - almost 300%! I'm definitely more confident with both marketing and selling my wedding planning services and I now have more systems in place that allow me to be more in control.

Amanda Costa Thompson | Wedding planner & designer

Branding and website creative direction / Sales process coaching

Brilliant! I couldn't have asked for more from a coach.

I couldn't recommend Andreea highly enough! The service she offers is quite unique and was completely customised to my needs. I feel I have so much more knowledge and confidence from working with her. She is friendly and easy to talk to whilst being so professional and knowledgeable.

She has so much to offer your business. And she always goes above and beyond to help. She has a real passion for her work and it shows. It is clear that she invests a lot of thought, time and effort into your business and thrives on seeing the success of others. From my brand, processes, marketing and first styled shoot, her insight has been invaluable. 

Charli Doran | Wedding planner & designer

Branding creative direction, Business coaching, Process optimisation & Template design

Working with you gave me more clarity and confidence

You gave me support when I felt lost. When I needed more clarity on my ideal client and adjusting my voice to them. Working with you gave me more clarity on the direction I wanted to go and how to adjust that to my vision. Your incredible proposals and trainings pushed me to start creating mine and that’s something I was really struggling with. 

From your support I increased my prices and I feel more confident. I'm booking more clients that look like my ideal client and most importantly I don’t feel guilty anymore for saying no to clients who are not for me.

Monika Kos | Chef patissier & wedding cake designer

Core business and process coaching

Totally committed to delivering my dream.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Andreea. An insanely multi-talented individual who, I can also attest to being warm, calm and totally committed to delivering ‘my dream’, way beyond my own expectations. Andreea’s attention to detail and execution was beyond perfect! She certainly has raised the bar for me.

Cynthia Grafton-Holt | bridal designer 

Branding creative direction and and Editorial shoot design, plan and creative direction

Took some vague ideas in my head and turned them into exactly what I wanted.

It's incredible how you took some vague ideas in my head and turned into something I couldn't even have imagined myself, yet somehow it's exactly what I wanted. I hope you know how grateful I am for your brilliant work and for going above and beyond what I expected. Can't wait for us to do many more projects in the future.

Stine Bustillo | Online Marketing Coach 

Branding and bespoke coaching journal design

Everyone should have an Andreea for their business.

Working with Andreea was a dream come true. The coaching sessions have changed my way of thinking and working. And the biggest accomplishment has been the growth in my self-confidence. She pushed me to do better, to trust myself, and to not give up.

When she presented my new brand identity I cried because it is exactly what I was dreaming of and so unexpected - PERFECT. Thanks to her direction and the proposal she designed for my editorial I've been able to work with some of the best suppliers and it's helped me get featured in an international wedding blog. None of this would have been possible without her work.

Clemence Poirot monceaux | Wedding planner & designer

Branding & Template Design, Business Coaching, Editorial Creative Direction

here's what I believe

Your brand should rise to meet you and the unique touch you bring to the table–not the other way around.

It’s time to blaze your own trail, shake off the “shoulds,” and go all in on what makes you, you.
And I’ll help you do exactly that.

read on to find out how








Brand and client experience curation, paired with business mentorship for artists, creatives, and wedding industry entrepreneurs

My unique signature process, rooted in the principles of traditional Chinese tea brewing, will elevate your brand to match your awesomeness.

explore the method

The Brand Infusion Method brings together creative direction, mentorship, and strategic business resources so you can craft an intentional aesthetic and unique brand presence with an irresistible client experience.

An effortless business begins with a brand that reflects your personality and values, and a process that plays to your strengths.

My simple yet powerful process uncovers your
brand's exceptional potential, empowering
you to build a sustainable business
that supports a life you love.

The art of tea brewing is radically intentional and thoughtful at every opportunity. From the atmosphere to the utensils to the technique–nothing is by accident. At the end of the day, it’s this meticulous approach that honors the energetic exchange of all in attendance: Your utmost enjoyment is a priority.

Today, the business of your dreams may seem elusive as the perfect cup of tea. But my mindful, two-phase method will bring you the tools and the clarity you need to realize that dream (and then some).
Together, we'll cultivate a made-to-measure brand that champions your talents and values from the inside out. The best part? We'll create a first-class client experience that’ll multiply your marketing efforts with referrals from your most loyal fans.

The Infusion Method is the essence of my approach and the methodology behind our work together. And because no two businesses are the same, every step of the process will be tailored to meet your needs.

the two stages
of the
brand infusion method


Business core

Using your individuality as the starting point for everything we do, we'll clarify the cornerstones of your business from your offers and aesthetic to your ideal client avatar. Your unique identity will guide us to a brand that stands alone–one that represents your inherent magic and communicates your personality, promise, and position as a business.

Client experience

From aesthetic to enquiry to offboarding and beyond, the measure of client experience is present in everything you do in your business. We’ll build on our work from Phase One to breathe life into the three stages of client experience, honing in on the fundamental touchpoints you need to attract, convert, and serve your target audience.

Kind words

Since your training I've converted a lot more clients... and that wasn't even all the changes you recommended as I didn't have time.

Keenda Sishouphanh | Wedding Planner

You gave me support when I felt lost. Working with you gave me clarity on the direction I wanted to go and on my ideal client. From your support I increased my prices and I feel more confident. I'm booking more clients that look like my ideal client and most importantly I don’t feel guilty anymore for saying no to clients who are not for me.


I had to send a quick email just to say how much I love the brand identity brochure, and how fabulously thorough and well thought through it is. You are a marvel!

jen feroze | copywriter

The quality of your training was absolutely excellent and everyone took away so much. It has helped them secure more clients and feel so much more confident in what they do. Thank you so much, you were absolutely fabulous, so professional and so, so very knowledgeable. Thank you!


Andreea you are an absolute star!
The detail is amazing, the presentation is amazing and the amount of effort you put in is... amazing. I feel a lot more confident having this structure for my process and client experience as it's what I've been most concerned about. This is such a massive, massive help. 

Charli Doran | WEDDING PLANNER & designer


How can I help?

Tell me what you need – I’ll point you in the right direction.

It’s like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.
(but for your business)

"I need templates, workbooks and guidance to master my brand, my way."

Designed for independent entrepreneurs seeking a DIY solution to brand their business with ease, The Brand and Business Asset Library is home to templates, workbooks and courses - including my signature online course and template collection - "Brilliant Client Proposals".

Shop now for instant access to the resources you’ll need to streamline your process, wow your clients, and fall in love with your brand.

1. the diy solution 

2. The "fix one thing at a time" approach 

3. the brand and business TRANSFORMATION



3. full mentorship & creative direction

"I need a quick fix, with actionable insights and practical solutions."

Feeling stuck in one area of your business? Not sure where your brand is falling short?A Brewing Session is your opportunity to get a comprehensive review on the topic of your choice with practical feedback.

Available to book as a 90-minute intensive to tackle one topic / a 3-hour brand audit / or a brand immersion day, where we evaluate your brand and client experience to create an action plan for you. Book a Brewing Session and we’ll explore your business together.

1. the diy solution


3.  the brand and business TRANSFORMATION




"I need a creative mentor and a strategic partner to help me reinvent my brand."

The Brand Infusion Method is my signature creative direction and mentorship programme for wedding industry professionals and artistic entrepreneurs.

Over a minimum of eighteen weeks, we’ll transform your brand, your processes and your client experience from the inside out. Throughout our work together, we’ll ensure your identity, talents and strengths are reflected in every interaction you have with clients for years to come.

1. the diy solution 


3.  the brand and business transformation

1. courses, workbooks & templates

2. consultancy & coaching à la Carte


in business

"be like water"

-bruce lee-

don't get trapped in fixed mindsets and shoulds - allow yourself to
flow and carve your own path.


the Brand and
business brews

Free monthly group coaching

We cover everything branding, website, client experience, marketing, sales, proposals and process optimisation.

monthly group coaching call

1 call each month on zoom to tackle 1 topic

2x coaching hot seats

an opportunity to get my eyes on your business and have your most burning questions answerred

private slack group

to access call replays and keep the conversation going

Monthly newsletter

choc-full of brand-transforming tips, bonus tools and resources I only share with my subscribers, and mindful business strategies through the lens of tea culture

Start transforming your business one month at a time

Business for good

A business that sustains you can sustain the world.
A commitment to sustainability beyond entrepreneurship

Every entrepreneur deserves a business without the pressure of unspoken expectations, people-pleasing, and unthinkable hours. A business without stress, overwhelm, and struggle. Every entrepreneur deserves a sustainable business, too.

Your success has a profound impact on others – including the planet.

This is the heart of my mission and the essence of my purpose – to support nature conservation by helping my community of creatives build a future that's sustainable for themselves and the world.

here's how I fulfill
 this commitment:



With my creative direction and coaching work I support you and other creatives in building sustainable businesses. While also aiming to conduct my own business in a manner that is respectful to the environment, I always look to learn more and share my knowledge and resources with you.


 & art

Through zero-carbon, fine art prints of my nature photography and paintings I want to share my joy and vision of nature, to bring more beauty into the world and in your home. All in the hope that I can help shape the way in which nature is experienced and appreciated.



10% of  overall Teastyle profits go to sustainable development projects, social justice, human rights & children in need.
70% from the sales of my fine art prints go to nature conservation efforts around the globe.

Shop the new collections of fine art prints

Nature Reveries

and learn more about my "Business for Good" approach.



featured posts

on the blog


branding & website




client experience

what is client experience and why you're doing it wrong


Tea & Mindfullness

the power and beauty of simply "being".

The most important lesson in running a creative business.


marketing & sales

selling with

the good, the bad and the ugly of sales psychology.