5 essential templates
every wedding pro must have

Creating the right templates in my business has been life changing. From speeding-up and streamlining my process, to delivering a consistent and amazing experience for my clients. This in turn has allowed me to double and triple my prices in a year. And it's done the same for all of my clients once they've implemented the templates I designed for them.

So, I've put together a free guide to what I believe are the top, essential templates every wedding professional should have. I've included details on what each template should do, what to include, and how to make them great.



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Hi, I'm Andreea

I'm the creative director & designer behind Teastyle Design Studio.

I started my first business 6 years ago, as an event planner. with a dream to create memorable, immersive experiences that enriched people's lives.

I quickly added weddings to my repertoire and just as quickly I became overwhelmed. I was struggling to book the right clients and get my core message across. I was barely making a profit and felt severely undervalued.

That pushed me to learn everything I could about branding, marketing, client experience and graphic design. I implemented, tested and adjusted what I learned. And in that time I also found a new passion. So, 3 years ago, I launched the Design Studio to help other creatives in the industry communicate their passion through their brand and client experience.

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